Coffee Shop Tour

Hey there sweet friends,

I”m going on a wee little coffee shop tour!

Kicking it all off at Mary Bea’s Art Studio for the Release Party.

April 5th-Mary Bea Art Studio-6PM

April 10th-Blackrocks Brewery-Marquette, MI-7PM

April 14th-Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot-Bozeman, MT- 1PM

April 18th-Metro Coffee-Casper, WY-7PM

April 25th-Laughing Goat-Boulder, CO-10PM

April 27th-Stone Cup Coffee Co-Lyons, CO-12:30PM

Hope to see there!

If you know the area let me know of any sweet, sweet hiking trails or climbs close by.

Tour Spring 2019.jpg
Elizabeth Thorp